Mediadesktop is your digital workstation,
it is powerful, agile and flexible.

We provide your staff the workstation that they need,

for being more productive, in pay-per-use and accessible from any place or device.

We advice you on the optimal design of your workstation, with shared or dedicated virtual desktops.

We analyse the needs of the different users’ profiles and we advice about the best environment for each of them.

Your staff will work with the best device at any moment and from any place.

We provide flexible storage pay-per-use.

We configure and manage your Office 365 environment.

All this complete secure, with integrated antivirus and 24x365 support.

What is a virtual desktop?

A virtual desktop is a workstation hosted in a server to which you can access from any device.

The server hosts multiple users’ desktops simultaneously and cuts costs on hardware and management.

We call that VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

Are you a techie? Do you want to know more? Ask for more details

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Cool! Isn’t it? This isn’t the end...

Do not worry about your staff’s workstations and focus on your business. Your staff will be happier because they will work always safely with their applications and from any device or place. Avoid loss of data and improve security. Pay exactly for what you use and the users you have on each moment. Forget the expense of equipment and its renovation. It is all included. Stop dedicating resources to your workstations.

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