The CISO, a figure increasingly in demand

At present the risks related to information security are on the rise, so companies have decided to watch their backs and protect their most precious treasure: their information. This is where the roll of a Security Officer appears, the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).


How to create an indecipherable password?

They say that there is no password in the world that is indecipherable, although it is true that we can create an almost perfect password. Moreover, we have to keep in mind basic rules that a perfect password should follow. The first one, and also the most important, it must be very easy to remember; and the second one, we take a careful look at length. They recommend a minimum of twelve characters. Therefore, the use of words has several factors of risk: short extension and facility to be found in a dictionary.



Excellent certifications endorse Mediacloud

Mediacloud has the best technological infrastructures, a cutting-edge datacentre and a team of professionals highly skilled. However, all this is not enough for us. We are a demanding company, so we need official certifications which demonstrate our excellence. That is why we have written this post: we tell you what certifications and awards demonstrate the quality of our services. (more…)


Mediacloud joins the VMware vCloud Air Network

We are glad to announce that we have joined the VMware vCloud Air Network as an Enterprise-level Service Provider. The vCloud Air Network provides organizations with VMware-based enterprise-class security and infrastructure compatibility, with the freedom to readily move workloads among private, public and hybrid clouds.

Using proven technology customers already use in their existing data centers, vCloud Air Network Service Providers can accelerate their business growth by offering customers trusted and secure public and hybrid cloud services. (more…)