Find out all about EU Data Protection Regulation

The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be effective in May 25th, 2018. Before that time, companies must adapt to the new regulation; otherwise, in case of unfulfilment, they will have to pay fines from up to 20 million euros.

This article sums up the key issues of the new Law. Some aspects work as a continuation of the previous regulation, but they are also significant new developments. Continue reading to know them! (more…)

Mediacloud, in Penteo’s ranking of cloud providers

The independent analyst Penteo, which leads the greatest IT community in Spain, has included Mediacloud in the ranking of cloud infrastructure services providers, published in the report Universo Penteo.

Penteo highlights the “clear strengths” of Mediacloud, basically our high investment capacity, flexibility and proximity. According to the analyst, being part of the Mediapro group gives us the capability and the pliancy to continue growing and to develop our offer. 

The report stresses that we have grown over 100% in less than two years. Moreover, we have been able to “win relevant tenders in competition with first-level providers”. Consequently, we have enhanced our brand positioning in Penteo’s Universe.

The report also appreciates that we are a “nearby business” and, at the same time, we have “further development potential and geographical expansion”. All this factors enable Mediacloud to have a long-term strategic relationship with our customers, as well as to continue growing and improving our services.

Finally, Penteo underlines that our contracts “are suitable to the specific needs of the customers” and allow us to “charge per minute”. All this has been strengthened by alliances with important worldwide providers, such as Oracle, Microsoft or VMware.


Penteo: “Cloud computing is a growing market in consolidation”

According to the report, cloud computing is a powerful tool to optimize the digital transformation of the companies. Of the enterprises surveyed, 98% are currently in the cloud, and 40% are about to hire or to update an infrastructure service in 2017.

The most part of the companies does not have their whole platform implemented in the cloud. However, the implementation has grown 17% in comparison to the previous year, outpacing 50%. Penteo estimates that this percentage will reach 60% in 2017. 

The report explains that the private cloud is still the companies’ favourite. The 43% of the enterprises that are in the cloud prefer this kind of solution, whereas 33% chose the hybrid cloud and 23% prefer the public one.

In short, Penteo considers that the cloud “is still a growing market in consolidation” and it makes “the digital transformation of the companies” possible. In consequence, the key challenges for the cloud providers –which are most valued ones regarding the customer’s opinion– will be technical expertise and brand recognition.



Microsoft gives Mediacloud’s CTO the MVP Award

Our chief technology officer, Sergi Martinez, has received the MVP Award by Microsoft. The company gives the award to the most valuable leaders from the technical community who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to share their knowledge and to provide right and selfless answers to technical questions about Microsoft’s products and technologies trough forums, news groups and public communities. (Click here for more information)


Certificación Backup

Mediacloud has received the Backup as a Service certification from NetApp

In Mediacloud we try to improve every day in order to offer the best solutions to our customers. For this reason, today we are glad to announce that we have been certificated by NetApp for its Backup as a Service (BaaS) program in Spain. It is a remote backup service in cloud that aligns business needs with IT resources.

To obtain this certificate, we had to demonstrate the following features:

  • We are an experts on data protections.
  • We are subject to data protection laws.
  • We are working according to regulatory compliance policies and national data protection policies regardless of the reach of the service.

From now on, Mediacloud will be able to provide Data Fabric certified solutions in order to allow their customers to use the SnapMirror technology (an efficient data replication solution between storage ends) and SnapVault technology (allows to perform backups and recoveries in minutes) to transfer data from their cloud in a transparent way and also to release resources for innovation in other IT areas. (more…)

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