Basic Concepts

Blockchain: non-centralized transfer of digital data

Blockchain is a secure technology that enables to transfer digital data through a sophisticated encoding information system. In other words, blockchain is a ledger that provides a way for information to be recorded and shared by a community. That is… Continue Reading →

The CISO, a figure increasingly in demand

At present the risks related to information security are on the rise, so companies have decided to watch their backs and protect their most precious treasure: their information. This is where the roll of a Security Officer appears, the CISO… Continue Reading →

How to create an indecipherable password?

They say that there is no password in the world that is indecipherable, although it is true that we can create an almost perfect password. Moreover, we have to keep in mind basic rules that a perfect password should follow…. Continue Reading →

The challenges of digital transformation

Digital transformation is a key issue for the continuity of businesses. However, only 20% of the worldwide companies are currently implementing solutions to make it effective. In this article we explain you the challenges of the digital transformation, its main… Continue Reading →

Discover the advantages of hybrid cloud

Some time ago, we talked about the main differences between the different types of cloud (public, private and hybrid). In this post, we delve into one of them, hybrid cloud, and we explain you the main differences that it offers.

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