Energetic efficiency: a corporate and social challenge

Mediacloud is one of the Spanish companies with more energy efficiency. In this article we explain you which indicators and systems prove it. We also tell you how we work day by day in order to improve our efficiency, a key issue to reduce costs and offer an optimal service. (more…)


Mediacloud joins the VMware vCloud Air Network

We are glad to announce that we have joined the VMware vCloud Air Network as an Enterprise-level Service Provider. The vCloud Air Network provides organizations with VMware-based enterprise-class security and infrastructure compatibility, with the freedom to readily move workloads among private, public and hybrid clouds.

Using proven technology customers already use in their existing data centers, vCloud Air Network Service Providers can accelerate their business growth by offering customers trusted and secure public and hybrid cloud services. (more…)

Find out all about EU Data Protection Regulation

The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be effective in May 25th, 2018. Before that time, companies must adapt to the new regulation; otherwise, in case of unfulfilment, they will have to pay fines from up to 20 million euros.

This article sums up the key issues of the new Law. Some aspects work as a continuation of the previous regulation, but they are also significant new developments. Continue reading to know them! (more…)