Mediacloud, cloud supplier

We are a cloud digital infrastructure supplier part of Mediapro group.  We walk with you all along your journey to the Cloud, by using simple, agile and flexible infrastructure solutions.  Digitalization is in our DNA. We are a native digital company and we can help you to be one as well. 

Let us help you to get on board the Cloud. It is easier than you expect.

Let’s cloud IT!


Optimization & ICT infrastructure Management as a service. We transform your ICT infrastructure in tailor-made services specially designed for your business.

Do not worry about the infrastructure and focus on your business, cut cost according to your needs, avoid investing in IT infrastructure or ICT platform, get flexible ability according to your business needs, guarantee your applications’ availability, efficiency and security.

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Your workplace, managed and optimized, pay per use. We design tailor-made virtual desktops solutions pay per use and we minimize your investment by offering you accessibility from any place or device.

Increases your users’ productivity and mobility , increases your information and applications’ security, simplifies management and maintenance and improves control, cuts cost according to your needs, allows us to define a customized solution tailor-made.

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